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By Krijag. Made as realistic and as high quality as possible. Custom cabin textures are included, which are made to the best of my ability with this model. That also means there are some parts of the cabin which will not be accurate when seen side-by-side to the real cabin.

The SAS logo on the side is made to have realistic reflections, and i'm pretty sure i got it on point! I will most likley update with more registrations in the future as they come in real life. Do not re-upload this item to the org or any other site Edited or not edited. Please contact me first if you would like to use some of the things added in this pack.

Released March You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. See all Subscription Plans. Please read the Terms of Use. A FlightFactor Search In. By Krijag Find their other files. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Your email address Required This will not be shown to other users.

Add a review Insert image from URL. Add review. Current Donation Goals Threshold support ToLiss A Delta Skyteam livery. Ultimate U Lufthansa Cargo Livery. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information Please read the Terms of Use. I accept.By StephenFebruary 13, in News! The latest developments in X-Plane. The note here is flyable or compatible and not a totally configured aircraft for the new X-Plane version as the simulator is still within its beta stages XP11b11 at this article.

But flyable or usable is still a very nice place to be. We saw a very nice and more complete upgrade to the A v1. Here again with this version v1. But now it is a very though machine and becoming very mature as it ages. FlightFactor put a nice shine on to the A in the last update, and in XP11 the aircraft looks amazing. The exceptional lighting of X-Plane11 is bringing aircraft alive in realism and put that factor together with highly detailed aircraft and the results are stunning.

Not a big update list, but you do feel there are more improvements than listed that have been addressed under the skin. The complex sets of monitor screens that is unique to the A flight deck has had some slight changes. The problem was making out the screen active areas and the outer panel not active area, but all the issues have now been resolved, but to give you a secondary option, you now have a new menu.

It does make selections easier and quicker, but you do have a full pop-up screen every time you want to change a menu item. Another new feature is "Terrain on ND" which is a radar terrain map showing on the Navigation Display. Sea is noted in blue, and you have terrain data details on the right. The ground profile is also shown on the vertical display on the lower part of the Navigation Display. In X-Plane11 the Navigation data system has had a complete overhaul. One of the changes is that the usual "Custom Data" or navigation data details is now missing in the main X-Plane root folder.

Developers now have to supply the actual aircraft with the data to include Navigraph and Aerosoft Navdata Pro with navigational data.

Airbus A350 XWB Advanced

To allow the A to fly in X-Plane this data has now been included within the update v1. Note the excellent click to complete checklist system, green for completed checks and blue for not covered checks.

Cockpit is now very refined with lots of nice touches and details. Note the working rear FMS unit and left - right pilot flying selection. Developers are caught at the moment with X-Plane Fix up the aircraft and the details change with a sudden new beta update. But we are well along the beta path now and an RC is on the horizon soon anyway. Personally I have found X-Plane11 in basic form extremely stable, so creating a compatible X-Plane11 aircraft is not going to go seriously out of whack anytime soon, as this excellent A in X-Plane11 shows.

This update is just that in a compatible and flyable aircraft for X-Plane11, but the new "Terrain on ND" is a very nice and useful feature to have as well.

The A from FlightFactor is becoming brilliantly good now, and is starting to fulfill its potential as one of the great aircraft to fly in X-Plane, and there is still more to come. Org Store :. Yes I think so. The current version is still v1. It is not currently a total X-Plane11 version but as noted in this review an adjusted version to fly in X-PlaneXPX is getting good quality payware aircraft now but they really need more airport developers that can make quality like Flightbeam and FSDT to get on board.

They actually say that the A has many things that the pro's don't have for nowand that advanced products will get updates to match the pro's.

Advanced has all the systems includedso if you are doing everything right it will fly like a pro onebut the diffrence is if you are not doing everything right it will "forgive" youwhile with the pro it'll less "help" you How would you know if the current QPAC plugins would really fit. Peters A and A don't use the same plug-in. FlightFactor has no problems to simply get the helpof other specialists.

airbus a350 - screenshot

So they got the help of FlyJSim for the flight behaviour of their Boeing That's one of the good things about X-plane developers they seem to have a more family feel when it comes to issues. It was my understanding that the advanced models will not have a FMC that is as realistic as the pro models? You can read there without registration. As the A is a X-Plane project, aimed at X-Plane users, it makes no sense to have such threads in forums where just a tiny fraction of X-Plane users are around.

The "airplane development notices" section at x-plane. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Donate to our annual general fundraising goal. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Recommended Posts.I'm thinking about getting the A from Flight Factor. I've flown their A a lot, but that's about it for my experience with their products. Also, I guess their A has been updated somewhat since original release.

Any thoughts on how it presents itself? Sletvik, Thomas. I haven't flown it in a while. It was a nice flying bird and smooth. According to the. He's not hungry. They are updating it. Recently there was yet another update. That said, FF have said that they plan to update the aircraft at some point in time with help from Toliss.

Flight Factor A350 V2 Landing Gear Renders

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Donate to our annual general fundraising goal.

This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

xplane a350 forum

We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Thoughts on FF A? Recommended Posts. Posted May 27, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.By StephenDecember 6, in Airliners Reviews. It already has been a ding-dong battle between the Airbus A Series and Boeing's Series and between them they have racked up thousands of sales, ongoing now is the next generation in the Aneo and the max to battle it out over the next few decades.

A size up in aircraft category is also very complicated, as each manufacturer in Airbus and Boeing are both trying to lock in certain sizes in what is known as the "Big Twins" of the market.

The Boeing Series in dominating the market in replacing the veritable Boeing has been very successful, but as airlines move away from the large hub and spoke model and back again to the original point to point services, then what was bigger is now not always better.

Point to point markets demand very economical and high frequency services and to fit tightly the seater markets, known as long and thin. So one or the other don't fit. That slots the B nicely below the Boeing and the coming X and fills the market. For Airbus it has been a two pronged attack to find an aircraft to fit below the A and go head to head with the Dreamliner and even the lower hanging fruit of the older 's.

To change things around and make life interesting the version has been produced first to fill in the gap above the B and go head to head with the B and the version will be next for first flight to go for the B replacement sales of the earlier built and well into service aircraft.

After the nightmares of the A development. Airbus could not want to have any problems in getting the A into service and quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The timetable was tight, but Airbus in a way played it safe in using the tested, tried and true components from the bigger A and not going for a full composite fuselage like Boeing did with the Dreamliner. The results was an almost perfect first flight that was on time and date, and a testing program that ran almost like clockwork, the aircraft received its type certification on 30 September and the FAA certification on the 12 Novemberand it is expected to meet its EIS Entry Into Service with Qatar Airways due 13th December with the first commercial service on the Frankfurt - Doha route in mid-Jan Cathay Pacific expects to take delivery of its first Airbus A in February The biggest battle confronting the A XWB is it's in service performance figures.

Take this ANA Seattle-Tokyo leg for example as a needs at least ,kg ,lb to make that trip. The smaller, leaner ER needs nearly ,kg. But the Dreamliner, the only needs 63,kg for the same Pacific crossing That is less than half of the B And those figures will certainly note the end of the B's reign once the larger A and B become more prominent around the ramps.

xplane a350 forum

The B does certainly have an operating cost advantage, but its still weaking Their Boeing and aircraft have been hugely successful and clever in the extension of the different variants in the "Extended" packages.

Another challenge was the fact that Airbus aircraft are very highly intergrated with their Fly-By-Wire and Flight Control Laws, the two Boeing's were very good if not excellent in their flying characteristics, but the Airbus is completely a very different animal and only a few developers can or have been able to duplicate these complex systems for the X-Plane simulator.

The best is Torsten Leisk that contributed to the QPAC Airbus A and Peter Hager's Airbus A Series, and here the flight laws and associated airbus fly-by-wire systems have been used in this FlightFactor A have been created and enhanced for this next generation of aircraft.

In other words you fly the A more closer to philosophy and laws of flight than any other Airbus aircraft yet developed for X-Plane. FlightFactor aero have also with this aircraft created a new category or have split their product line into two separate types of aircraft in professional models i. But in all but most cases here this "Adv" aircraft is still a very in depth simulation and the aircraft delivers more on flight and systems than most other aircraft in this price range and category, in this case you will not or never feel wanting there is something or a lot missing in the operation of the A Design wise with the aircraft power off the A XWB is very well designed and developed.

Airbuses have a very bright but grey corporate look about them and it is hard to get any directional light in here to lift the gloom a little.

That is not to take away the excellent design work on show here. It is first rate and the best you can have today in X-Plane. Detailing abounds Why bother doing that? A start up will give you standing figures around the aircraft, this gives any ramp a busy feel and is well done.

The A aircraft is a hard aircraft to model in the fact there is not that much information available except what Airbus gives out with their promotional material, there is no official documents and no in service details to gauge how the aircraft performs or is configured to everyday airline use.

Remember FlightFactor would have started this project with even less data than what is available now. In that context they have done remarkably well, but we will have to forgive if in a few areas and certainly in performance that the numbers can be slightly off until the official ones start to drip through.

Same is to be noted if a few things are missing or slightly wrong with the modelling. On the surface it looks absolutely perfect and very well detailed. Some small items look slightly odd at first in the fact the rear bogies are positioned front down and not rear down as with the B hanging undercarriage system.As you can see by the title, today we are going to compare the Boeing and the Airbus A for X-plane 11, both Boeing and Airbus biggest twin-engine aircraft.

The Boeing LR Worldliner is the long range variant from the family, with a maximum range of 8, nm 15, km. This variant has increased MTOW, three optional auxiliary fuel tanks and wingtips. Equipped with GE90 engines it produces up topounds of thrust combined. Exactly 60 have already been delivered and its main operators are Delta Air Lines and Emirates, with each one operating 10 aircraft. The A family is considered to a success, with orders and more than already delivered, being its main operators Singapore Airlines 48 and Etihad Airways FlightFactor Aero is well known for their study level aircraft, with system depth being their main focus, and the A Ultimate and Professional being a good proof of that.

With that in mind you would expect a high-quality add-on from FlightFactor with great systems, so in today's comparison we are going to discover if that is true when we talk about the B and A Now we are going to decide which long-haul aircraft is the best for you.

At a first look the exterior model is quite nice even though it needs some improvements. The fuselage may look strange with that lines, however you won't notice them most of the time.

xplane a350 forum

The windows are transparent, showing the 3d cabin inside. Probably the best part of the exterior modeling are the GE90 engines, they look awesome. The fan blades have a very nice glossy touch. The engine running animation is very good too. The landing gear and wings are nicely modeled. In general, the exterior is good, even though some improvements are welcome, especially in the fuselage and empennage.

However, you won't find many problems if you don't search for them. You will notice that in many cases the A is the opposite from the B, and exterior modeling is one of them. Usually the first thing you notice when looking at the outside of a plane is the fuselage, and the A fuselage is well done, it has a glossy and reflective surface due to the livery I am using, the fuselage doesn't appear to be glossytransparent windows and very nice wingtips.

Instead of having very good modeled engines like thethe A engine modeling isn't that great, in fact it is not good or bad, it is the minimum you would expect from a 50 dollars plane.

The animations are very nice and realistic, but the engine modeling, especially when it isn't running, is far away from perfection. The wings are nicely modeled and they look very good from the outside, however, they look a bit strange from the inside. The landing gear is great and doesn't appear to have any modeling problem. As you can see, the exterior modeling is good, even though it has its pros and cons, and you won't be disappointed.

Like thethe A also needs some improvements.General systems of FlightFactor a advanced:. I think I've read a statement of FlightFactor that they want to release "lite" versions of aircraft in the future. Well "lite" is still debatable. What I understand at this point is that the main systems will be all operable, It is in the areas of faults and aircraft system conditions that deteriorate of periods of time that has been withheld, It won't be like the X-Plane B default or the ATR from Aerosoft, but at least a system aircraft closer to the JARDesign Aneo.

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X plane 11- Using the A350 FMC

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted August 24, But when the announcement came yesterday that the next project was to be the American Company's arch rival nemesis in the Airbus A and in that context well That announcement came from the left corner with a smash to the jaw, so why not play it safe with the Boeing series FlightFactor?

Reel back a year and a few months and I was watching the first flight of the A and my thoughts were, "It is going to be years in X-Plane before I get that machine in my grubby little hands", but the announcement will now mean that when the A starts up its entry into service EIS later this year I will be right there in my own perfect world, and with the highly detailed systems of the FlightFactor version as well Life can't be that good now could can it, well yes it can.

And it is almost enough for you to change religions. In reality these announcements are like a big chess game for X-Plane. You need to own your square for that product. In years past with doubtable 2d aircraft it didn't really matter if one came out over the over as they were free and cheap anyway.

But payware now is business, big business and to own a certain square as X-Plane goes forward can be worth money to you. The A is going to be with us for a very long time, so let us tie up that market. In time these squares are going to get fewer and fewer as the biggies are going to be sold off. The FlightFactor Boeing was a turning point in the X-Plane market, because it showed you that with the right product can win the business if you get it right.

As for years we waited and dreamed of the XPJets version of the B in that it became unbearably painful to keep tuning in to their dog slow web site to see the next minutely detailed 3d object for that month, and so it dragged on for years, XPJets had that square totally tied up and the money was already in the bank.

Not just a little cash but a huge amount of sales The failure was simply that XPJets had not realised that X-Plane was now a business, not a weekend hobby, and they kept on treating the B as some glorified hobby and to a point the users of X-Plane as well. If you start a project today then you need a business plan, and you certainly need to win that coveted square, because today someone is coming up quickly behind you who wants that same piece of cash ground and then hold it. The winners are certainly the users, us and also X-Plane as a simulator itself.

But now the A has upped the stakes as a developer has now switched codes, and can a developer that thrives on Boeing grit can then produce the clinical Airbus clean to create something truly remarkable. Personally I think FlightFactor can, and that is why this Christmas and is going to be a huge rewarding time for X-Plane.

FlightFactor has released shots and now more information of their A Old style MCDU and fully functional aux instruments as backup. In v1.

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