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Nitrocaster x230 mod

The Thinkpad X is almost a perfect laptop. The X is small, light, was the last small Thinkpad to use 35W CPUs, has great Linux support, incredible battery life, and can be found used very inexpensively. A few wizards in Japan and China have taken up the X and developed an adapter to give this tiny laptop the display it deserves. The usual way of modifying the X for a display with higher resolution is tapping into the eDP present on the Thinkpad dock connector.

This gives him the ability to control the power state and brightness level of the display. The dock connector is incompatible with this mod, and hopefully scaling this up for small-scale production. Producing a few X FHD kits is going to be a problem, as each wire in the eDP cable is individually soldered to the connector. U-version of Core i CPU is more than poor. Cool if you have FHD display, but rest is usual.

Still props to Taobao. That is a seriously impressive soldering job and he now has an awesome talking point to carry around! Do you have any other mods planned? Mine is p as well. Sadly my old eyes have some difficulty with it. Just change the scaling in the display settings. You get the larger UI elements, but media at the higher resolution. Best of both worlds.

nitrocaster x230 mod

Rather than fight the And voila! A truly portable power machine and in home office, a rig capable of games, video editing, or a video wall.

Versatile, indeed! I had Ts and it was a hunk of junk. My biggest issues were constant problems with the TrackPoint and what is a Thinkpad with a bad TrackPoint and all of the wireless devices were problematic—especially the Bluetooth.

I liked my thinkpads, especially the integrated thinklight, not sure an integrated LED is patent worthy though but Big Blue has big IP lawyers. This is a seriously cool hack if you really need a Thinkpad. More time-wasting? The news was the eDP hack successfully rewired with very small pitch connectors and a custom PCB migrated from the docking connector into an upgraded internal display.

Impressive mod. Gorgeous display. Hence a Thinkpad, and this model for the classic keyboard layout. As soon as I saw that he was using a microcontroller, I was fully expecting to see in the comments people saying it would have been easier done in discreet logic.

This is a win IMO. Thinkpads are still held in high regard for Linux compatibility. Asus got hit with that, too, I think. Not true. I have the new Lenovo machines to prove it. Drivers are a nightmare to get Linux un-friendly Broadcom is prolific. And this goes beyond the entry level machines.This is a huge drawback for anyone wanting to use SSDs, because it is so much slower. Middleton's BIOS removes this limitation as well.

ThinkPad T430s WQHD Upgrade – Part 2

Note: If your BIOS-Update tool says that no update is needed, then simply downgrade the Bios first: On Lenovo's drivers download page, the old Bios files are listed at the very bottom of the page. There is now a software flashing method provided by n4ru.

nitrocaster x230 mod

The files and instructions to software flash are found on both the main site and also this Github. Note that you must be on an older BIOS version to use this method. Here are the supported devices and bios versions. An in-depth manual flashing guide can be found here. Please note that the author of this method spent a considerable amount of time creating this flash method. Please refer to this section of the readme. You had to use hardware flashing methods to modify these laptop BIOSes.

For software modding, see above. BIOS-Mods user BDMaster attempted to unlock the chip using software provides the possibility of no more hardware flashingbut it was a failure. Maybe the tester just did it wrong? This makes it difficult to upgrade the wireless card to newer standards such as Wireless-N Although it apparently allows all mSATA drives. At bios-mods. If you like their work, please donate a few dollars to help them continue their efforts.

The wikipage Problem with unauthorized MiniPCI network card gives deeper technical details about how the whitelist works and how to remove it. These methods may be necessary for older and more obscure ThinkPads. They do not work on modern ThinkPads, over T Maybe a table of compatible ones should be made here?

Jump to: navigationsearch. Richard Stallman famously uses a Libreboot X Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.Goodbye Lorita, wherever you've gone Skip to content. Quick links. There is some limited information on x However, my x HD did not work cleanly following these instructions. My understanding is that, in config. I had a lot of frustration getting my x to boot under 0x, I could tell the screen was recognized because the backlight was operational, but no display was coming through.

Originally thinking that ID 0x was the problem, I attempted injecting 0x, patching DSDT, and using framebuffer patches to enable extra framebuffers to reflect the hardware, but the x KP'd, and safe mode caused a restart, with very little information as to why using debug and -v. Going to investigate further. Which value from IOreg do I copy into edidreader. Sleep from the menu does not work right. Sleep with the power button does work, even for long periods of time.

Occasionally I will have to sleep and wake a few times to get the screen recognized again, this seems to be an issue with DP external displays on OSX in general. I disabled the lid wake event from the CLI using pmset. I am also working on permanently patching the Capri framebuffer kext.

I am interested as I have an x coming with a 2k display from lcdfans and messing around with a Hackintosh would be fun. The discussion here includes additional details. This app has options such as injecting IDs for real Mac displays thunderbolt, iMac etc.

I am able to inject it, but I still get the original X resolution. Another problem is that even at x I still have problems getting hardware graphics accelleration. I first understood that the former thing was right. I know that this thread is related to Sierra, but it might help. I installed Hackintosh because of better real-time performance, so my knowledge is not perfect. Right after mod the correct resolution recognized, but I had no mouse cursor and a login box. I get partially working system when I accidentally put incorrect ig-platform-ID in clover bootloader it set up clover only for first boot.This should also work for Xt, T and W The whole process is relatively easy and takes no more than minutes.

You will only need some basic tools and the keyboard, no additional parts required.

lenovo X230 Hackintosh 4K

The keyboard shown in the photos have already been modified, so read the descriptions carefully. Most photos also have captions containing additional information and details, so be sure not to miss them too. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The xx30 series keyboard has 4 retaining tabs at the bottom that slide inside the bezel and provide additional stability for the keyboard.

The xx20 series keyboard however has an additional tab in the center right below the TrackPoint buttons. Simply cut it off with wirecutters so it looks the same as your xx30 keyboard and smooth out sharp edges with file. The 4 remaining tabs provide additional stability for the keyboard and prevent it from wobbling during use. That's why I don't recommend cutting them off completely, even though it's the quickest way.

Instead cut them partially so they resemble the tabs from your xx30 keyboard as closely as possible. To do this cut the edges of each tab laterally to the bottom of the keyboard, so you could then use pliers to bend out the middle part. Bend it outward so it becomes level with the keyboard base plate and then cut off the excess part while leaving a little slack.

This slack is your new tab. Smooth out sharp edges with file. The shape of the xx30 series bezel is slightly different along the top border of the keyboard. If you install the xx20 keyboard at this point you will see that the bezel bends out right above the mute button. This doesn't look nice and can potentially interfere with opening and closing the lid. To overcome this you have first remove the decorative plastic strip that covers the buttons. Use guitar pick to carefully pry the plastic upwards at the top.

It's held by 3 small hooks.

Upgrades And Mods on Thinkpad X230/t

The pick on the photo shows their location as well as the technique. The bend is caused by two tiny plastic tabs shown in red that extend upwards from the plastic base. Carefully cut them off to make the plastic base straight. Due to the fact that newer keyboards have backlight, there are minor electrical differences between xx30 and xx20 series keyboards. That's why you need to isolate several contact pins on the keyboard's ribbon cable using electrical, scotch or masking tape.

Failure to do so will make several contacts short circuit and burn out when you power the keyboard on for first time. Interestingly, this will result in electrical current not being able to flow through them anymore, thus making the problem resolve itself.

While general consensus seems to be that it's ok to leave the contact pins as they are and let them burn out, there is at least one known case of keyboard circuitry frying as a result. Therefore I recommend spending additional minutes to isolate the contact pins just to be on the safe side. This guide will show you which pins to isolate and how to get to them.

Cerita X260, X240, X230 2K, X230 aja

Disclaimer: w hether to skip this step is entirely up to you. No matter how you choose to proceed, you are solely responsible for any damage you cause to your laptop, it's parts or yourself.Goodbye Lorita, wherever you've gone Skip to content. Quick links. That's a usual situation for US and Canada destinations during the holiday season.

Batch 2 : completed All orders shipped. Batch 3 : completed : [check order status] Aug Reservation payment instructions were sent. Nov 7: Bare PCBs arrived.

Assembly will be started in a few days. Dec Assembly completed, now preparing for shipping. Dec First invoices were sent. All orders shipped. See a long story in this thread. Free local pickup is available in Moscow, Russia. I can install the kit in your machine for a fee, but contact me first my email you can find it in the manual. Before you do this, visit a local repair shop, show them the installation guide and ask for a quote - that might be much faster and probably cheaper.

nitrocaster x230 mod

A: Yes. Q: Does this mod affect left-side DisplayPort connector? A: No.

nitrocaster x230 mod

The adapter board connects to Dock DisplayPort 2. Q: Does the brightness control work? Linux users can apply this kernel patch. BIOS or coreboot patch is required to overcome this limitation I'm working on it sorry, I don't have time for that.

Q: How does it affect battery life? Q: Can I use docking station with this mod? A: You can use UltraBase Series 3 without any problem. To overcome this issue, you can tape a row of DP 2 pins inside the docking connector. It's technically possible to design special version of the adapter board that would fit in tablet, but then you'll need to replace the screen.

Which, again, is technically possible, but not really doable.Goodbye Lorita, wherever you've gone Skip to content. Quick links. Thinkpad X successful upgrade to Recently, I have upgraded my x with a additional circuit board designed by a group of Chinese engineers The result is now I have a almost excellant X which has 1. A second msata3. Welding the additional to the motherboard of x and function test 2. Enjoy it! Re: Thinkpad X successful upgrade to Few questions 1 Does backlight control works on Linux?

Also, did you buy the board directly from taobao? Or something else? Can you rotate the last picture so that the laptop is shown upright? Very interesting indeed Could you elaborate a little about the soldering work? Seems there are 22 solder points, mainly on the top left of the board. Is that all? Or is anything else that needs soldering? Keep in mind to post a link if the pic is too big With it and suitable panel plus some dremeling, the mod can be performed even using Nitrocaster's adapter only.

ThinkPad Classic Keyboard Mod

I'm tempted to do just that: thus, can you link to the exact models of the panels used? Preferably, also we should have a list of modifications needed, as user boutch did in one of his mods.For example, people will swap in more comfortable touchpads or keyboards, or use a better quality screen.

A BIOS whitelist prevents upgrading to any card with This is supposed to work for the X but reports are mixed for the Xt. This is adequate for some older and less demanding games on low settings including Skyrimbut be aware that it does heat up the laptop rather rapidly. ThinkWiki has instructions.

Software Engineer View all posts by svanoort. Like Like. Lenovo Power Manager shows I easily get 10hrs with light load like browser, office, wifi. Like Liked by 1 person. You can upgrade the terrible tn panel with a cheap replacement from a lenovo twist tablet. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This is the largest normal battery it can mount, and it has a handle shape that can be used to pick up the laptop. It will add about 1. There exist a few other rare CPU options on systems customized for businesses, but the iM appears to be the fastest.

The performance benefit should be very small in most cases though. Also, if you have a webcam then there will not be a 3rd antenna available, so the will become basically a Storage: The main drive bay will accept a 2. Be aware that migrating a bootable Windows install from the 2.

Link: Reddit Thread about one setup. For the X it was useful as a way to add USB 3. Display Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by svanoort. Desoldering is overkill; you can connect a hardware flasher to the x BIOS chips in-place. Can the glass display from the Lenovo twist be also used? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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